Rehab at Home: Mobile Out-Patient Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy That Comes to You

Empowering You to Continue Living at Home

Many seniors are choosing rehab services at home instead of opting for a nursing home.  Home Therapy Solutions offers occupational, physical, and speech therapy services that are personalized to each individual’s goals. Our job is always to keep seniors safe and as independent as possible.

We evaluate your goals & needs where it matters most – right where you live. By coming directly to you, we can work with you & your family to determine the best plan for therapy, as well as a long-term plan to maintain your independence. Teamwork is key! By working with your family & caregivers, together we ensure the best possible outcome.

About Home Therapy Solutions

Stay Healthy, Mobile and Independent with Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy

Home Therapy Solutions will assess your needs and craft a treatment plan that enables you to stay comfortable and independent at your own home.

Regardless of what has led to your current situation, we can help you create a plan to recover or adjust to your new impairments. 

Our trusted rehab therapy services provide in-person, personalized support for seniors in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Woodstock, Canton and surrounding areas. We also provide services to seniors all over Georgia via tele-therapy.

Our Methodology in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Book a Free Consultation

  • Start by booking your consultation online.
  • At a convenient time for you, we can answer any of your questions and discuss how occupational therapy could work for your personal circumstances.
  • You can tell us about your goals to stay at home and your current challenges.

2. Assessment of Needs and Goals

  • We take a holistic approach, considering all aspects of day-to-day living in health and comfort.
  • To develop a personalized plan, we evaluate the home for safety, assess current mobility and daily activities
  • We’ll learn about your short and long term goals.

Treatment Plan

  • We will help craft a treatment plan in a way that suits your unique situation, at home or via tele-therapy.
  • We work alongside family and other caregivers to support your needs, maintaining the dignity and respect you deserve.
  • The personalized treatment plan includes your medical needs and goals, details of requested home visits, tele-therapy treatments, and the services you can expect from Home Therapy Solutions.

Our Services

At-Home Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy Services for the Elderly

Alzheimer's & Dementia Support

We will create a custom program for seniors who are dealing with early-, mid- and late-stage dementia or Alzheimer’s that helps them to form habits and to monitor their activities 

Special Disability Care Training

We are experienced in providing care to seniors with special disabilities, we will create a treatment plan that is tailored to their specific needs

Diabetes, Fitness and Weight Management

Healthy eating habits can be difficult to maintain, so we will help you plan a healthy diet and develop a routine to maintain your weight goals

Physical Therapy

We will put together a plan for daily exercise to help you recover from falls, illnesses or injuries

Auto Accident Care Plan

Recovering from an auto accident can be a lengthy process for seniors, we will develop a recovery plan to walk with you every step of the way

Covid & Other Infections

Infections can take a huge toll on your routine, we will help you craft a plan to adjust to your current challenges and relearn healthy habits

Home Safety Evaluation

We will evaluate your home to determine what adjustments need to be made to help prevent injuries and to maintain your independence

Arthritis & Joint Pain

We will put together a care plan for the ease of daily activity and joint protection

Self-Care Coaching

We will create a plan to craft routines around eating, hygiene, laundry, performing routine activities and remaining active in the community

Stroke Recovery

Neurological issues such as stroke can take a long time to recover or might permanently change your lifestyle, we will help establish a plan for that adjustment phase or for your new reality

Cardiac Problems

We will help you create a plan to recover from cardiac problems, including strategies to rebuild strength and endurance and to maximize your independence

Speech Therapy

We will work with you to help you increase clarity of voice and improve swallowing and chewing

Benefit from the best care at an affordable price, without the bureaucracy of insurance

Private Therapy: Freedom from Insurance Restrictions and High Costs

For patients without medicare, we offer private therapy, where you can enjoy the benefits of our home therapy without worrying about the complications and high costs associated with health insurance. This means you receive the care you need right away without waiting for referrals and insurance approval.

Call us to see if you quality for medicare covered services


We accept medicare for medically-necessary services


No age limit or medical restrictions


No wait times


No insurance needed for services that don't quality as medically-necessary


Therapy from the Comfort of Your Home, Anywhere in Georgia

For patients outside our immediate area of operation, or for those who prefer to maintain physical distancing because of Covid, we are offering a robust tele-therapy solution. 

This will work both on your smart phone or computer, all you need is an internet connection and we'll guide you through the process.

Our tele-therapy services have become increasingly popular for seniors in the state of Georgia. It serves as a great support in between home visits and as a useful tool to build independence.




Meet with your therapist via video call.

Accepting all Georgia patients via tele-therapy.

The Perks of Membership

Long-Term Support You Can Rely On

Home Therapy Solutions offers a membership option for seniors who need continuous monitoring and support. As a member of Home Therapy Solutions, you and your family have peace-of-mind knowing that our highly qualified occupational therapists are by your side whenever you need them.

Benefits of Being a Member:

  1. Suitable for long-term needs
  2. Customized care plan to suit you
  3. Enjoy a discounted rate of $140 per session*

*Minimum of 4 sessions per month

Our Services are Medicare Reimbursed

Your Home Therapy Support in Georgia

Home Therapy Solutions serves several cities across the Northern Greater Atlanta area as listed below:






Call to Inquire About Surrounding Areas

Telehealth for all of Georgia

If you live outside of these areas please call to inquire. Additionally, you can benefit from the same professional tele-therapy services that our patients receive. Book a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your requirements and options.

Happy Clients

“My wife fell & broke her arm in May. Regina came in and first made sure she could still do the simple things, like use the bathroom and take a shower. Regina gave my wife hope that she would soon be back to normal living… After 3 months she was! We truly enjoyed having Regina in our home and would welcome her any time.”

– RH